From programmers to professionals

I lead programmers. Why should I hire you? Do you think I should hire you because you can write code? No, I do have many candidates who can write code, I am not going to hire most of them. The fact that you can write code means little to me.

As a Product Owner, Product Manager or a Software manager for a R&D team I am not interested in raw coding ability. My goal is not to produce as much code as possible in the shortest amount of time. My goal is to produce a high quality robust application for the smallest cost. There is a big difference between those two; and that difference means that I don’t care nearly as much about your coding ability, as I care about your professionalism.

…Do you really know what your job is ?

Your job is not to get code to work. Your job is to communicate with other programmers. I don’t want you to get code work. I want the you to write high quality source code that make the application that the customer expects.


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