About me

What defines a person, how to define a professional ?

For me you need to define a person based on the personal skills, the personal skills will tell you if you really are a professional.I have been working with Software development since 1988 and seen all the development phases until now, it has been a journey of improvements and technology from no methods via waterfall into the agile world.My personality feels success when I succeed through people, when programmers talk to other programmers and when they together make a successful application. A successful application means that the customer has got the product they wanted for the price they agreed,  when my manager are satisfied with the cost I spent on the project. When programmers can communicate, and write code that everyone on the team understands and approves of, then we have success.

It seems here that I only think about work.... no no when off duty then I find my camera and i can put my passion into taking photos. Check  out http://www.baphoto.no/ for my photos and my creative side.

Want to see more about me then look more in my resume here My Resume

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