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Nice handout for understand Scrum and agile

For people new into agile development this figure might be a good guide. It illustrate clearly how the agile development with usage of Scrum can be used in a agile organisation.  

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Agile vs Waterfall, risk and deliveries

Agile versus waterfall, deliveries and risk ! Observe how the risk decreased in time in the agile methodologies and at the same increase in Waterfall methodologies. As well the first delivery is delivered in a early stage in agile even the risk for failure is high since this

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Agile vs Waterfall

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Do we need requirements ?

Software people are often eager to try out the newest technologies, tools, and methods to solve their clients’ development woes. This attitude often leads to a focus on building the product right rather than building the right product. Too often, software people go overboard

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Change Management – Why did the attempt to implement new promising technology meet resistance?

Abstract This paper looks into some common mistakes done in the change processes and an alternative solution to these mistakes. The paper will present Lewin’s change model and Connor’s stages of positive response to changes. It will describe some tips how to handle when t

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What are the roles of a project manager in a development project using agile methods as Scrum?

Abstract In many development projects a manager often use agile methods, but some still use methods from the linear project management. But in agile a project manager should not be a commanding project manager, but what role should an agile project manager have? How should th

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