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The life cycle of a requirement

Many organisations struggle because the developers "live" in an agile world but management want a due data on a fixed specification.  The stakeholder often known as Product managers is often the bridge to management and the key stakeholders. The main focus from stakeholders

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Agile in a nutshell

[caption id="attachment_358" align="alignnone" width="800"] Agile in a nutshell[/caption]

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Nice handout for understand Scrum and agile

For people new into agile development this figure might be a good guide. It illustrate clearly how the agile development with usage of Scrum can be used in a agile organisation.  

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Agile vs Waterfall, risk and deliveries

Agile versus waterfall, deliveries and risk ! Observe how the risk decreased in time in the agile methodologies and at the same increase in Waterfall methodologies. As well the first delivery is delivered in a early stage in agile even the risk for failure is high since this

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Agile vs Waterfall

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Do we need requirements ?

Software people are often eager to try out the newest technologies, tools, and methods to solve their clients’ development woes. This attitude often leads to a focus on building the product right rather than building the right product. Too often, software people go overboard

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