Product Owner & Team Leader Business Analysts @ABAX

2017- Present

Team leader Business Analysts @ABAX

2017- Present

Business Analyst - ABAX

August 2017- Present

Senior Information Developer - Kongsberg Maritime

September 2016-July 2017

R&D Project Manager - Kongsberg Maritime

January 2015-September 2016

Leading a 5 year R&D program in a multi-international and multi site organisation. Using resources located in Germany, China, Korea and Norway, with resources from Norway, China, Korea, Russia, Australia and Germany 

General Manager - MicroIT

January 2007-Present

The owner and manager for MicroIT.MicroIT is a consultant service company for IT services. We are will celebrate 10 years in 2017 and offering many IT related and R&D services.http://microit.org/

Product Manager - Kongsberg Maritime

January 2013-January 2015

Product Manager for the product group Tools, responsible economically, technical and for personnel in the product group.The Product Owner and Project Manager for a R&D program

Manager Improvement Process - Kongsberg Maritime

March 2011-January 2013

To be able to analyze and improve our capability to deliver a huge amount of ship systems each year. The main mission for this position was a 2-year task to analyze and identify obstructions and create the documentation for improvement initiatives, later then initiate a requirement collaboration to improve our operations.

Principal System Architect - Kongsberg Maritime

January 2008-March 2011

Responsible for the KM product software and hardware overall architecture Be technical adviser for sales and management and ensure the technology strategy for our products. Introduce a new R&D strategy and working methods with usage of modelling and systems engineering. Methods as scrum and tools like UML with Enterprise Architect was introducedResponsible to initiate and lead new technology platforms with brand new technology concepts

R&D Section Manager - Kongsberg Maritime

2000 – January 2008

Department responsible for multiple sections with both Technical, personnel and financial responsibilities. Leading the internal development projects and programs Lead architect for a huge corporation program

System Software Manager - Kongsberg Maritime

1996 – 2000

Responsible for the technical progress and quality of Kongsberg’s basic product software.Join and lead the development teams to ensure quality, cost and time. Schedule and resource planning, lead architect

Software Engineer - Kongsberg Maritime


Be a part of the production teams and be lead for Software engineering of delivery projects. Be software responsible for Norcontrol (Kongsberg Maritime) for complex deliveries as i.e. cruise vessels


03.12.2018 - R&D Project Manager in Kongsberg Maritime & Product Owner @ ABAX

Over the past seven years I have worked with Bjørn André both in Kongsberg Maritime and in ABAX. He is a dedicated, honest, hard-working guy. Bjørn André is a team player and a great leader, always clear and to the point. He is a stand-up person who is not afraid to make decisions. Last but not least, he also has a great sense of humour. Highly recommended. - Tomm Willums,  Senior Developer at ABAX

02.12.2018 - Product Owner @ ABAX

I had a pleasure working with Bjørn André Hagen. He brings his attention to detail to every project, develops great teamwork spirit and spreads enthusiasm. He is a hard-working, fully dedicated person and a born leader who is able to successfully motivate others to achieve the best results. I have always been very impressed with the way that he has approached work. I highly recommend Bjørn André Hagen - he is a great asset for any business. - Beata Kaniok-Jensen, Marketing Coordinator at ABAX

30.11.2018 - Product Owner & Team leader @ ABAX

Bjørn Andre has been my leader from year 2017 to 2018 in the product team. He is not only a great leader with amazing technical knowledge and management skills, but also a kind, warm-hearted and caring man in person. It has been a great pleasure to report to Bjørn Andre and gaining new knowledge from him in a daily basis. -Jiayun (Janice) Gao, Business Analyst at ABAX

29.11.2018 - Product Owner @ ABAX

Bjørn Andre is a positive, energetic and result orientated professional taking the extra step. Structured and out of the box! Organized and creative! - Martijn Zewald, CEO at ABAX Nederland BV, Director Global Partnerships

April 2017 - R&D Project Manager in Kongsberg Maritime

6 years ago, we came from different countries and join this wonderful global team. During 6 years, All of team members worked with great enthusiasm. When we face a lot of challenges, we are optimistic because we have an excellent project manager and a great team. Now we have grow up and become stronger and stronger. In our team, we feel motivated all the time from you and we are happy to work with you and Norway team. I wish to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of all my colleagues. Thank you very much that you help us grow up! Thank you very much that you trust us! Thank you very much that you tell us the stories of the world!Thank you very much that you bring happiness to us!  Every coin has two sides, when the door is closed, the God will open a window. Let’s take a break, then set sail again!  We are looking forward to seeing you soon! Thank you very much for all the team members!Best regardsJohnson Yan 闫江松 | Development | Sr. Developer M&M Software (Suzhou) GmbH | Office C303, SISPark Phase2, 1355 Jinjihu Ave, SIP | 215021 Suzhou | P.R. China苏州美名软件有限公司 | 中国江苏省苏州工业园区金鸡湖大道1355号 国际科技园二期C303Phone +86 (512) 6807 5718-1038 | Fax +86 (512) 6807 5728 | jyn@mm-software.com |M&M Software (Suzhou) GmbH is a subsidiary of M&M Software GmbH, Sankt Georgen, Germany.


Progressive personality, love to feel progress, hate to be boring

Love to have more tasks than I am able to resolve, is motivated of "impossible" tasks and have a high pace

Organized, systematic and keep things tidy

My DNA is clean desk policy and structured work days

Creative, determined, like to solve difficult challenges

Brainstorming, event storming workshops to find the best solution that is good enough for the customer and company

Careful, conscientious, deliver on time

Never give in, and walk the extra mile to fulfill my promises

Team builder and a like to motivate others

Motivated, happy and engaged employees = success

Result – and goal-oriented, hardworking

Set expectations and ensure on time delivery

Wide experience of development environments

With more than 25 years in development and product development

Creative and innovative

Love new ideas and discuss them

Safe in leadership role with many years as head of personnel development environments, has led teams of 5-50 highly qualified engineers world wide

Has been a leader for many years with different culture and personnel challenges both national and international locations

Experienced and professional in IT systems

Has written user handbooks for Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and Windows, but have worked in a huge amount of applications and handle them good

Very experienced and interested in technology trends

My spare time is often focused around gadget and new technology

Fluent English both written and spoken

I don't speak perfect English but used to work internationally

Experienced in to handling other cultures after more than 25 years of business travel

Experienced with i.e. Russian, German, Dutch, Polish, English, American, Greek, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Australian  culture to mention some

Good academic expertise in developing processes and procedures

Has hold many courses and training of personnel in products and technology

Experienced with the use of estimation methods and planning i.e. use of Poker planning, and Team Foundation Server or JIRA

Key to success is often tools, but one tool is also the whiteboard

Experienced in using Iterative and Agile development methodology with the use of specifications, User stories, Use Cases and UML

Has been coached by Craig Larman (http://www.craiglarman.com) in Agile development and practiced the last 15 years

Experienced in SCRUM in multiple roles

Experienced as Scrum Master, Product owner, system architect and even agile project manager in organisations where Agile only lives in development department

Motivated and focused on focusing on that capital is tied up in people who have fun at work.

Happy and engaged people that is working together is often success, respect and individual feedback for each person is important for me

Experienced within team building

The success behind successful teams is ensure they understand each other. Familiar with Belbin, 360, PAPI, DISC

Experienced with follow-up economy in own departments and strategy processes across departments

Long experience in different management positions with different roles from technical to personnel or projects specific

A coordinator and organizer for workshops, experienced with organizing international workshops

Has organised workshop internally as well national and international with multiple nationalities

Experience from international development and distance management

Always worked in international organisations with multiple locations around the world

Very good understanding of culture from China and Korea, long experience in Asia

Spent more than 1200 days in China and South Korea, lived there for periods of time

6 years experience as lead against distributed international team, Norway, China, Korea, Germany

A big project with up to 25 developers from multiple countries and nationalities

Experienced in business travels

Has spent more than 200 days yearly in business trips internationally

Seminars and courses

Effective User Stories with David Evans

Domain-Driven Design with Mathias Verraes

DISP - Personality profiles - Understand and communicate with people an efficient way

Happy and engaged teams - Team leader training level 1 and 2 in ABAX

Project Governance – Metier

Risk Handling in Projects

Agile and Iterative Management in Practises - Craig Larman

Telelogic TAU - Using TAU for UML modelling

Architecture in .Net with C#

Using Doors for Requirements management in R&D Projects

Applied Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) With Ian Griffiths

Agile and Iterative Development, a Manager's Guide–Craig Larman

Applying Advanced Object Design with Patterns–Craig Larman

C#.Net for developers in Visual Studio

Object Oriented analysis and design with UML

SharePoint 2013 end user training

Visual Basic Fundementals

Visual Basic Development

Development with Microsoft C++

Test Management

Management training A course - Kongsberg Maritime

Management training B course - Kongsberg Maritime

Hard Fun - Top Management development

1 year

In cooperation with NTNU & SINTEF

Ship systems

Securing the Human – Security Awareness program

HES (Health, Environment and Safety) for managers

Conflict Negotiations

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